Food Allergy Research Boost With Multi-Million Dollar Grant

Milk Allergy
Perhaps you've read the news that David H. Koch, Executive Vice President of Koch Industries, has donated 10 million dollars to the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. This donation, one of the largest in the Institute's history, will create the David H. and Julia Koch Research Program in Food Allergy Therapeutics.

This is great news for the food allergy community. Mt. Sinai has already brought to light the possibility of introducing baked milk and egg to people with milk and egg allergies. They have also lead the way in researching the link between bullying and food allergies, and the lack of a link between waiting to introduce foods to infants and the development of food allergy.

Part of this donation may go toward some of the clinical trials currently underway at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, such as using Xolair to help develop milk tolerance and the effect of Chinese Herbal medicine on food allergies. All great research paving the way toward figuring out what causes food allergy and how to prevent it.


Elizabeth said...

Do you think the donation is tainted because of th hateful actions of the Koch Beothers. They are the ones who fund the Tea Party, give millions and millions to spread lies and hatred to defeat Obama and havre essentially bribed the Energy Committee in the House of Representatives from developing clean energy. Do you want money from these

Unknown said...

Oh Elizabeth, I gave a lot of thought to this before posting.

Here's my gut reaction- I want a cure for food allergies. When I hear 150 deaths per year due to food allergy reactions, I translate that to about 3 deaths per week. Three deaths because someone ate a cookie with nuts in it or ate a restaurant meal cross-contaminated with egg.

This money was going to some cause and I'm glad the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute took it for food allergy research. What good would it do to turn it away? It's 10 million fewer dollars that will go to some of the causes you mention.

Elizabeth said...

There are far more deaths every year from the environmental pollution caused by the Koch Brothers businesses and their relentless efforts to prevent green energy development. Just wanted to enlighten you about the source of the gift.