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Thank you to Jacob Maslow of Allergy Be Gone for this guest post linking food allergy to toxins in our environment.

Toxins and the Rise in Food Allergies

When asked why food allergies are on the rise, New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, Henry Zhen-Hong Lee, stated, “It’s because of all the antibiotics that animals have been given for so many years, and because of the harmful effects of pesticides and a large number of other chemicals that find their way into our food sources.”

Some may ask what these chemicals have to do with the rise in food allergies. To get a better understanding of the severity of the environmental toxin problem and food allergies, here is an excerpt from an article posted at

Laboratory tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group have detected bisphenol A (BPA), a plastic component and synthetic estrogen, in umbilical cord blood of American infants.

Nine of 10 randomly selected samples of cord blood tested positive for BPA, an industrial petrochemical.

It should be noted that BPA has been connected to an ongoing list of serious chronic disorders, including asthma, cancer, and many other illnesses creating life-long consequences.

To further emphasize this point, the article explained that the results of the testing found 232 chemicals in the 10 newborns. The evidence is overwhelming and alarming: our children are exposed to dangerous substances that can affect the immune system before birth.

The Connection Between Toxins in our Food and Food Allergies

The body is an amazing and complex organism. It is actually designed to detoxify itself under normal conditions. But, with environmental toxins bombarding us in addition to our natural detoxification processes, the liver is overworked and overloaded. This, though, is just a piece of the puzzle connecting toxins to the rise in food allergies.

Add to this, the digestive problems that are created with the unavoidable toxins, in sources such as fast foods and genetically modified foods, and you have another wrench in the works. The digestive system is what makes the body function. This wrench interferes with the breakdown, absorption and metabolism of nutrients creating a drop in the nutritional properties that support the immune system.

Since the immune system is part of the body’s detoxification system, the lack of proper nutrition and the invading toxins reduce the immune system’s ability to function efficiently . . . or normally.

With a weakened immune system working overtime to sort out and destroy so many dangerous toxins is it any wonder that it malfunctions and begins to attack foods that are mistaken for dangerous substances, thereby contributing to the rise in food allergies.

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