Technology Helps With Food Allergy Baking

An iPad  as a Souz-Chef
I picked up some Pillsbury Puff Pastry® sheets several weeks ago and promptly tossed them in the freezer and forgot about them. This week I thawed them and then had to do something with them. With my iPad on the counter, I scrolled the Pillsbury recipes and found Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie with Ham. I easily threw that together (sans ham) and was left with another thawed pastry sheet. That lead me to Chocolate Triangles- I know, sounds yummy, right?

 But darn it- how to get around the egg wash...

 Just a few touches of the iPad screen lead me to a vegan website that said I could use milk- soy, almond, cow etc. as an egg wash. It worked beautifully. Tablets make great kitchen assistants, especially when you need to check ingredients or find substitutions.

Now if we can only get them to chop and stir...

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