Return Those Auvi-Q's!

By now you undoubtedly know about the Auvi-Q recall. If you need to carry an epinephrine injector, be sure you've gotten a prescription from your healthcare provider for a prescription for EpiPen or Adrenaclick

I participated in a phone call last week with a representative from Sanofi (maker of Auvi-Q) and their Chief Medical Director, Dr. Chew.  While they are unclear about
the future of the Auvi-Q device, they are clear that customer safety is their top priority. They've asked us to get the word out that they want everyone to return their Auvi-Q devices so they can check them. Even if you used the $0 co-pay card and didn't pay a dime for them, please call Sanofi (1-877-319-8963 or 1-866-726-6340, 8 am-8 pm ET) for a pre-paid mailer to return them. They will also refund costs for the devices or issue reimbursement for new injectors. 

This recall has been a challenge for many in the food allergy community. Let's keep working together to keep all at risk for anaphylaxis safe.

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