Food Allergies in the Hospital

Those of us with asthmatic and allergic children know that our kids may have a greater chance of hospitalization than others.

Their systems are already compromised and viral and bacterial infections can cause more and greater illnesses. When my food allergic child faced a tonsillectomy this summer, I was very nervous about the foods and medicines he would be given. I checked everything in advance to ensure he wouldn't come in contact with his allergens. I also worried about contact issues. Some of the nurses were eating and drinking in the nurses station. They did wash their hands when they came into the room, but I hoped it was thorough enough. And what about people who have an allergic reaction from proteins on the breath?

Kimberly Clark has developed a program that is set out to educate others about "Healthcare Associated Infection". It's devoted to teaching patients and medical professionals about causes of infections gotten in the hospital. It covers MRSA, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, Surgical Site Infections and Cross Contamination.

It was the "Cross Contamination" section that caught my eye. It will help raise awareness and benefit those who deal with food allergy.

Sometimes, though, ignorance is bliss. When my child had surgery, I didn't give much thought to MRSA or other infections as I was so busy making sure he wouldn't be given a pain medication that contained lactose or a popsicle with dairy.

Nearly 1.4 million people at any given time, suffer from an infection they got while in the hospital. Unacceptable. Awareness and protocols are critical in fighting this issue.

Check here for more information.


Maleah said...

Well we definately SHOULD be nervous. I requested all dairy and egg free items while at the hospital after having baby E. My requests were overlooked and ignored. I was shocked! I felt that a hospital should be one place that is allergy safe.

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