Food Allergy Desensitization Programs

Okay, its controversial, but I'm keeping a close eye on this. Dr. Richard Wasserman, a pediatric allergist in Dallas TX, has been using desensitization to treat food allergy in his private practice. Some patients have had great success, others, not so much. Food desensitization is handled in much the same way as traditional allergy therapy. Someone allergic to cat, dust, mold or oak trees is given increasing amounts of their allergen in the form of an allergy shot. Over time, most people can better tolerate the allergen. In Wasserman's practice, someone allergic to milk or eggs can be given tiny doses of the offending food in increasing amounts.

Dr. Wasserman admits that many allergists find his food allergy treatment too risky. There are a few other practices throughout the U.S. who perform oral desensitization for food allergy. However, most desensitization studies are currently in clinical trials.

Wasserman reports that the program takes place over many months and costs about $5000. A few insurance companies cover the cost.

Does anyone have direct experience with this treatment for food allergy?  I'd love to talk to some food allergy families who've contemplated, or gone through, a program like this.

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