Auvi-Q Epinephrine Injector is Coming

Auvi-Q Epinephrine Injector
I first posted about a credit card sized epinephrine auto injector over two years ago. In a December 2009 post, I wrote about two brothers and their company Intelliject. I was most excited about the potential for this new product for teens and young adults. This age group often doesn't carry their epi injectors because it's "inconvenient". An injector smaller than a cell phone- now that sounded convenient.

Fast forward to last week when I had the opportunity to see this new product. I was invited to Sanofi's U.S. headquarters in N.J. to see Auvi-Q® up close and to provide feedback to the team that has been working on bringing this product to the market. It was a fun day for me as I had an opportunity to hear from Dr. John Oppenheimer on the current state of anaphylaxis (more on that later this week). I also got a history lesson on the new product and shared lunch with some fellow food allergy advocates.

Auvi-Q is short for Audio Visual Cues. As the name suggests, the device carries both visual and audio instructions for use. As soon as it is pulled from the case, a friendly and calm voice begins walking the user through the steps. Here's what I really like about this product:

  • the size- it's even littler than I expected and is smaller than my smartphone. My tween really liked the shape and size.
  • the audio helper- everyone is nervous about having to use an auto-injector device. A voice guide really decreases anxiety.
  • no need to swing device into outer thigh- with Auvi-Q, the user places the device on the outer thigh and pushes firmly.
  • hidden needle- the needle in this injector goes into the leg and within one second retracts back into the device. There was always something about having to withdraw the needle that was unsettling. No accidental needle pricks to worry about here either!
  • has been waterproof tested- the product can sustain some water and still operate effectively. It does contain a battery for the voice recording, but even if the battery no longer works, the injector itself will still operate and release the medicine.
Here's a little amateur video we made to show how easy it is to use:

Auvi-Q is FDA approved and scheduled to go on the market in the U.S. by the end of March 2013. At this time, the cost of the device is unknown, however, two active devices and one trainer will be the norm for prescriptions. Many epinephrine injector rules will remain the same, such as approximately one year expiration dates, a viewing window to ensure the medicine is a clear color, two different dosages depending on body weight and the need to be aware of temperature extremes.

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You can sign up to find out when Auvi-Q will be available, or keep an eye on Food Allergy Assistant for further updates. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I am thrilled to have more options in the toolbox for managing food allergies and anaphylaxis.

Full disclosure: My travel expenses and lunch were covered by Sanofi, although I am under no obligation to review this product...but I just wanted to!


Unknown said...

So I've been hoping to find a good allergist in Plainfield, il. I have never had to before, do you know how to find one? I'd love some help, thanks.

Unknown said...

This is pretty cool. Would I need to go see an allergist in Wheaton if I wanted to get it?

Power4Parents said...

My 16 year old son has recently begun reacting to some foods. We have an appointment to have him tested. I am anticipating an epi-pen and I'm worried that a teenage boy won't want to carry one. This is a great option! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...


ACAAI sponsors a website to help people find an allergist at

-Food Allergy Assistant

Unknown said...


Auvi-Q will be on the market at the end of March 2013. You can get a prescription then from any allergist.

-Food Allergy Assistant