Another Food Allergy Assistant

Annonymous Classroom Mom, I dub thee a "Food Allergy Assistant"

Valentines Day in second grade can be tough for a child with food allergies. Our rule is always not to eat anything until mom or dad have checked ingredients or called the food manufacturer. Often when classroom valentines are given out, there is candy to go with it. Usually that candy is from a larger bag and so individual pieces do not contain ingredient or contact information. It is heartbreaking to take all of the candy out of the valentine bag and tell your seven year old he can't have any of it. One mother this year had the forethought to cut the ingredient label from the box and attach it to the little candy. At home we checked the ingredients and the candy didn't contain dairy, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts. "This one you can have," I said. A child's smile is truly priceless. Thank you Annonymous Classroom Mom!
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