Guidelines for H1N1 Vaccine and Egg Allergy

Egg Allergy
The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology has come out with their guidelines regarding H1N1 vaccine and those with egg allergy.

I'm really torn about how to proceed with this. My son recently underwent an egg challenge in the allergist's office. It was not successful. Looking over the AAAAI guidelines, it appears that he would need several skin pricks (which he hates) and then if we proceed, he may require 5 vaccines at 15 minute intervals. If a medical issue arises, we face a shot of epinephrine and perhaps inhaled steroids. Ugh!

And that's just the H1N1 vaccine. This whole procedure is repeated for the seasonal flu vaccine. For the past few years, the rest of the family has received the seasonal flu vaccine. I get mine this afternoon. Our egg allergic son has not gotten the vaccine. Swine flu makes me more nervous.

What are the rest of you with egg allergies or egg allergic children doing? I know that I need to contact our allergist, but I'm not sure we want to go down the road that will be recommended...
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