Monday Review: Earth Balance

This Monday Review is sponsored by Earth Balance natural spreads.

Finding a "non-dairy butter" for baking and spreading is no easy feat. It was important to me to find something our entire family liked. As a matter of fact, I wanted a product that would fool everyone. My non-dairy chocolate chip cookies needed to taste just as good as anyone's cookies. The butter on my table for our dinner rolls needed to taste just like any other butter. Our non-dairy butter would be my little secret.

Well, I found the right product and I can't keep it a secret. I've used Earth Balance spread for years, ever since my son outgrew his soy allergy. Our local grocery store just recently began carrying Earth Balance sticks. This gives me another option in baking*. And now, Earth Balance has come out with a soy-free version of their spread. I've never been able to recommend a soy-free, dairy-free butter alternative. Until now. It's arrived and it tastes good. No wonder it got the 2009 Best Chef's Taste Award.

Check out all the Earth Balance products as well as some great recipes.

*Fleischman's Unsalted sticks are also dairy-free.
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