Food Allergy Network Stood to Win $250,000

With a win on last night's "Celebrity Apprentice, country music star Trace Adkins, would have been able to hand over the $250,000 winnings to his chosen charity, The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN). Adkins has a young daughter with a peanut allergy and has been able to shine a spotlight on FAAN throughout the 12 week competition. It's been good press for the organization and has helped to increase awareness of food allergy issues. Apparently things were strained in the boardroom last night as 'The Donald" met with all of the competitors to decide the winner- Piers Morgan or Trace Adkins. In the end, Piers Morgan emerged as the winner. The check for $250,000 will go to Morgan's charity of choice, Intrepid Fallen Heroes, an agency that aids families of fallen US Soldiers- a noble cause as well. FAAN still stands to make some money through sales of Adkin's newest single, "You're Gonna Miss This". For the next two weeks, fans can go to and download the song with proceeds from the sales going directly to FAAN. Everyone comes out a winner in this one!
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