Desensitization to food allergies

Would you put your child in a clinical study? Researchers are currently conducting a study on food allergies and are testing peanut allergic individuals, ages 12-20, and egg allergic individuals, ages 6-18, to see if they can tolerate small amounts of the food to which they are allergic. I know that we need research in order to find a cure, or at least better treatments, to food allergies. That said, I would be hard pressed to volunteer my child for such a study. This particular study gives peanut and egg allergic individuals increasing amounts of peanut and egg protein to see if the individual's immune system will tolerate it. The problem for me is that if an allergic reaction does occur, symptoms can be rapid and range from hives to vomiting to breathing issues and even death. How do parents make a decision for a young child to participate in such a trial? I feel so grateful that studies continue to try to find good treatments and eventually a cure for food allergy, but the risk of a trial such as this, personally feels too great. For more information about this particular trial, go to
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