Restaurants need to take some responsibility

We visited a fast food type yesterday for lunch. As always we brought a full meal for my son who has food allergies. I was disheartened to see a food allergy statement at the bottom of their menu that basically said "any of our food may have come in contact with an allergen such as milk, egg, peanut tree nuts, soy, fish and wheat". That's just not helpful, and frankly- not good enough. Disney restaurants can handle food allergies- even their fast food kiosks. Restaurants need to be held accountable to know exactly what is in their food and how to handle food so that it doesn't become contaminated by other food. That's their business. This issue doesn't only impact those with food allergies. People with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pregnant women, those with celiac disease or food intolerances or people who are just trying to monitor what they eat, should know exactly what is being served to them in a restaurant. Perhaps restaurants are worried about lawsuits so it's easier to make a blanket "eat here at your own risk" statement. This isn't about placing blame, it's about working together to give accurate and safe information.
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