Scary Stuff

Everyone should check out this article in the Nov. 21, 2008 issue of the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune article spotlights an investigation they did on food manufacturers who mis-label their products and the failure of regulators to police these manufacturers. Incorrect ingredient labels are dangerous to everyone- food allergic, diabetic, those watching cholesterol, salt intake or weight. We trust those labels to be true.

Guess what? 47% of products recalled for hidden allergens in the past 10 years were never even announced to the public. When a label clearly says "does not contain wheat", we need to be able to trust that information.

After reading this article, it is obvious we have a long way to go. Our food manufacturers must be required to know what is in their product, report that on a label and immediately recall an item if the label is not accurate. Right now, if a recall is even issued, it takes on average, 32 days, to get the recall information to the public. Not good enough. Not even close.
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