Great Gifts for Kids with Food Allergies

"As Far As I'm Concerned, the Cows Can Keep Their Milk. I'm Allergic to Dairy" and "Peanut Free Princess" are just some of the great slogans you'll find on Bjort (pronounced Bort) & Company's T-shirts, hats, pins and other accessories.

Kelly Harmsen, the founder of Bjort & Company, started the company when her son was diagnosed with a vision problem called Amblyopia(Lazy Eye). To help him wear his eye patch, Kelly created a DVD called "The Eye Patch Kids" with patched puppets singing and dancing to help encourage kids to put on their patches too.

"Soon after I started my company, my son was diagnosed with a peanut/tree nut allergy and since then my niece was diagnosed with a peanut/tree nut allergy too," says Kelly.

She began a line of t-shirts and accessories with food allergy slogans.

Kelly says, "My next project is to make a DVD for kids about food allergies. It's something I'm really passionate about because kids need to be informed."

Check out Kelly's full line.

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