Monday Review- Nature's Path

This week's Monday Review is brought to you by Nature's Path, makers of organic cereals, bars, snack foods, waffles, breads and baking mixes. They offer a line of gluten-free products for those with a wheat allergy or celiac disease.

I sampled the cereals and found them to be very tasty. Their new Crispy Rice bars are quite good too. Please note, that both varieties "may contain peanuts, tree nuts or dairy ingredients".

I sent a note to the company about "may contain" statements on their products. I received this response:

Nature’s Path is committed to producing exceptional products and holds the health of their customers along with quality and food safety as their top priorities. The gluten free products are made on shared lines that are thoroughly cleaned between runs, though there are not currently specific dedicated days for gluten free production. We have several tests in place to ensure food safety:

· All raw ingredients that might be used in gluten free products are tested for gluten prior to production.

· All equipment and tools must also pass an ATP and gluten test (production is not allowed to run until the equipment passes both tests.)

· The product undergoes a gluten test at the beginning and is retested once every four hours.

· After the products have been packaged, samples are sent to a third party lab for gluten testing.

Nature's Path will be updating their website in the coming months. I suggested the addition of a "food allergy" section (along with their current celiac/gluten-free section) to help food allergic customers make healthy choices when choosing Nature's Path products. I'll keep you posted on food allergy specific updates from them.

The Nature's Path website is packed with information about their products, as well as definitions of organic farming and the company's dedication to sustainability in terms of resources.Their EnviroKidz™ EnviroFund has raised nearly $300,000 for endangered species and environments since 2000- love that!

For more information about food allergies, visit the Food Allergy Assistant.
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