Monday Review- Thai Kitchen

This Monday Review is brought to you by Thai Kitchen, a company dedicated to bringing Thai food to American kitchens. My daughter commented, "This tastes just like the rice we get at the Chinese restaurant", after trying her first forkful of Thai Kitchen's Jasmine Rice. I think this is what Seth Jacobson was after when he decided to bring the exotic smells and flavors of Thai food home to the U.S. in 1989.

Now, Thai Kitchen has over 60 products and is sold in 50 states, and Canada. Their products can be found on the shelves of gourmet food shops, natural food stores, green grocers, ethnic markets and grocery stores.

Check out their website for an education into Thai cuisine, as well as many recipes and cooking tips. There is an "Allergy Info" link along the left navigation bar. From this link, each product can be checked for major allergens. Many of the products are gluten-free, but read carefully as many contain peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and other top allergens. Do some research, and then go ahead, try a little Thai for dinner this week.

Check out Thai Kitchen's site for more information.

See the Food Allergy Assistant's site for more food allergy information.
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