Monday Review- ZenSoy Puddings

This Monday Review is brought to you by the makers of ZenSoy puddings and soy milks. How interesting that a family of dairy farmers should set out to make soy products that are safe for those with milk allergies. They point out on their website, though, that the cows didn't mind when they added soy products to their dairy farm.

ZenSoy puddings and soy milks are organic, gluten-free, and lactose-free with no chance of cross contamination to nuts. That said, I must point out that they manufacture their soy puddings and soy milks in a plant that also produces dairy products. However, the machines are cleaned and sterilized before the manufacture of soy products. I am awaiting further clarification about their sterilization process and testing of the product to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

So, how do the puddings taste? ZenSoy puddings have the same consistency and texture as regular milk-based puddings. They are just as flavorful and satisfying. The puddings must be kept refrigerated, and they're perfect for a school lunch or an at-home treat. I once tried to make Jell-O brand instant puddings with soy milk. It didn't work. A call to Jell-O confirmed what I observed. Only cows milk is recommended to make their puddings. If you substitute with a soy or rice milk, the pudding won't "gel". Basically, you're left with a runny mess.

Back to ZenSoy. I love that they donate 5% of their profits to international wildlife organizations.

To find out where you can buy ZenSoy, go to their website and click on "Product Locator". There is also a request form on their site to fill out and submit to your favorite grocery store manager, asking them to consider carrying ZenSoy.

The same family owned company has recently introduced a new product, Evolve Kefir. This is a dairy product containing live probiotic cultures. I liked the fruit flavor of the Evolve Kefir. It was almost like drinking a yogurt and has the benefits of promoting digestive health and enhancing the immune system. This product is not safe for those with a milk allergy. Regarding other major allergens, a spokesperson from Mountainside Farms, makers of Evolve Kefir states “We do not have gluten, nuts, eggs or peanuts in our Evolve Kefir. ”Learn more at their site.

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