Monday Review- Allergy Alert Clothing

This week's Monday Review is brought to you by Alert Clothing Company. Summer camps and changes in caregiver schedules are right around the corner. Protect young children with Alert Clothing.

Company founder, Rebecca Nelson, has three children- two with severe food allergies. In an effort to keep her children safe, Rebbecca designed several colorful t-shirts for her kids to wear to preschool. The shirts were a big hit and in 2005, Rebecca launched the Alert Clothing Company so that food allergic children everywhere can be identified and protected.

What do I love about Rebecca's designs? The sweatshirts, t-shirts and tote bags are bold, colorful and kid-friendly. They grab an adult's attention right away and send a simple message. I also like that the Alert Clothing logo is printed on the back of the shirt. Young kids don't typically sit still, so with a reminder on front and back, it's sure to be seen.

Show your child the designs. Let them pick out a few to wear when they're at daycare, preschool, camp or other places away from home. As Rebecca Nelson says, "A parent cannot be present constantly, and a two, three or four year old cannot be held responsible for advocating for themselves."

Grandparents, buy some for your grandchildren with food allergies. Allergy Alert Clothing is another tool in the food allergy arsenal.

Check out Alert Clothing Company. They even offer a fundraising program for preschools . Contact Rebecca by e-mail for more information.

As always, visit the Food Allergy Assistant for more information about everything related to food allergies.
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