Monday Review- Grill Charms

This Monday Review is brought to you by Grill Charms- think wine charm for your grilled meats.

Founder and mom, Leslie Haywood, had an "A-ha moment" when her husband mistakenly gave her the extra-hot Jamaican grilled chicken, instead of the mild chicken she requested. Leslie created Grill Charms to help barbecuers everywhere identify different preferences and dietary needs.

Back in February, Leslie sent me a Grill Charm from her Pink Collection (these charms benefit breast cancer research- love that!). Finally a balmy week-end arrived and we pulled out the grill. I must admit to feeling skeptical at first that these little charms would stay in ground beef. They did. Even through my clumsy burger flipping. It worked great for my grilled chicken the next night too. It was very easy to identify the meat with the charm.

So, how does this relate to food allergies? Of course, depending upon the specific allergy, special precautions must be made when barbecuing. Marinades may contain unsafe ingredients for a person with food allergies. Certain seasonings may be unsafe and foods may look the same on the grill. By inserting a Grill Charm, mix-ups are avoided.

A few tips when grilling where food allergies are a concern:
Consider several layers of foil between the food and the grate. This prevents contamination from the grilling surface.
Use separate grilling tools to avoid cross-contamination.
Do not mix up the meats. A tool such as Grill Charms will help keep meats differentiated.

Check out Grill Charms' website. They offer several collections for steak doneness, seasoning types, Charmed Life (may be great for food allergies) and the Pink Collection (10% of the proceeds from sales goes to breast cancer research). Individual charms can be ordered with free shipping.

Leslie is offering $5.00 off your order for Food Allergy Assistant readers. Type "grilling" as the coupon code when you place your order.

Great gift for Father's Day!

As always, visit the Food Allergy Assistant for more help dealing with food allergies.
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