Monday Review- Stuck on You

This Monday Review is brought to you by "Stuck on You", a company specializing in labels and organizational tools to help parents and teachers keep children healthier and more organized. Couldn't we all use a little more organization?

They now offer a special line of allergy-free labels to help create zones to prevent inadvertent exposure to substances that can be dangerous to children with allergies. Stuck on You offers customized labels and wristbands for any allergy. The brightly colored vinyl labels, stickers, and wristbands are waterproof, as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.

I love these labels. Our first, and fortunately, only (knocking on wood right now), ambulance ride due to an allergic reaction occurred when we were traveling and my food allergic son ate a muffin from the wrong bag. This was the early days of our food allergy journey. I learned a painful lesson that day. My son's life was in danger if I couldn't make sure things were well organized. Stuck on You has created a product to help do just that.

Use these stickers on everything you send to daycare, camp and school. They're a great help at home or at grandma's house or when traveling. Plus, you can customize them and they're so darn cute!

Check out the Allergy Pack. Click on "Stuck on You Value Pack", then "Stuck on You Allergy Pack".

Stuck on You offers other products. Go to their website and click on your home country.

Labeling helps your child and the adults around your child quickly identify what belongs to them. It's another way to keep kids with food allergies safe.
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