Rough Recovery

It's been a hard week for my little guy (and the rest of the family) as he recovers from tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. The doctors are very nice, but quite casual about the whole recovery process.

We wound up going to the emergency room Thursday night. He had been having such a hard time swallowing he needed fluids, morphine for pain and a steroid to shrink the swelling. There was talk of admitting him as he still wasn't swallowing easier after several hours. We decided to go home (for reasons explained below) and we had an okay week-end. Still not out of the woods yet. Dr. said we may need to take him back again for more fluids- ugh!

So we opted not to stay's why. When we walked into the ER, we saw signs posted- "If you've been to Mexico, Texas or New York City recently and have flu-like symptoms, alert the staff immediately". At registration we were offered masks. People in the waiting area were wearing masks and several looked very sick with flu-like symptoms.

It looked like a scene in a movie.

Later, when an overnight stay was being discussed, the pediatrician from the floor talked to our ER nurse. The pediatrician advised that we try to take him home as there was "a lot of flu on the pediatric unit". We high-tailed it out of there.

So, we're managing, but still lots of pain, especially in the morning. A popsicle and pain medicine helps that. Then I begin my mantra for the rest of the day, "Drink, swallow, drink, swallow". After I say that about 10,000 times it's time for bed and we begin the whole thing the next morning.

This too shall pass...
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