Flu Vaccine for Egg Allergic?

The Food Allergy Asssistant received many comments on the post related to HINI vaccine and egg allergy. There is much confusion and alarm for our children with egg allergies who are affected by the egg-based method for making flu vaccine. I've done more research and this is what I found:

There is much interest in a cell-based flu vaccine that would be safe for those with egg allergy.The technology currently used to make our chicken egg-based flu vaccine is over 50 years old.The new technology is animal cell based, rather than egg based. This process could save weeks in manufacture time and is less likely to become contaminated.

One company, Novartis, is close. They are building a plant in Holly Springs, NC with hopes of completion in 2010 or 2011. Novartis clinical trials of a cell based flu vaccine in the U.K. have been successful. The Wall Street Journal reports possible U.S. shipment of cell-based swine flu vaccine in December or January.

Let's keep in touch. We may be able to get cell-based flu vaccine this season. My hope would be that it goes to allergist offices first...

Check out this NY Times article regarding cell-based flu vaccine.
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