Miss Roben's, The Allergy Grocer, is Back

Oh, how I've missed you, Miss Roben's...

For those of us who have been buying allergy friendly foods for awhile, Miss Roben's was a one-stop shop. Only available through mail order, Miss Roben's and The Allergy Grocer, offered a wide variety of foods and helpful telephone advice.

Then came news that Miss Roben's was out of business. Many of us struggled to find substitutes for our favorite mixes and ingredients. Shopping several companies meant increased shipping and handling costs. It was a big loss to the food allergy community.

Then, finally a few months ago, brought news that Miss Roben's and The Allergy Grocer would be back- bigger and better.

Well, they're here. I just got off the phone with Seth. They've got an updated website and will offer live chat as well as online and telephone orders. The website will be involved in testing over the next few days, so it may go down from time to time. For this week, call in your orders (New Number: 1-888-476-3350) while they get the last few kinks ironed out. You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive special offers.

Go ahead, check it out.

Welcome back Miss Robens and The Allergy Grocer. You're looking good!
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