Silk Soy Milk: Monday Review

We first heard about Silk Soy Milk several years ago at the Cheesecake Factory...really. We brought little guy's food and explained to our server that he couldn't eat anything on the menu due to his food allergies. When she heard he had a milk allergy, she asked if we'd ever tried Silk's Very Vanilla Soy Milk. She said it tastes like a vanilla milkshake. You know what? She was right.

Since then, we've found Silk's regular vanilla flavor a great substitute for milk in the breakfast cereal. They now carry an organic brand too. I use Silk in any recipe that calls for milk. We love it in smoothies and it's great in my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Recently, representatives from Silk asked me if we would try their new Silk Heart Healthy. They sent me a coupon. Very tasty with the added benefit of phytosterols, a plant ingredient that helps the body reduce cholesterol. That's a great benefit for the moms and dads out there who have to lower cholesterol.

Check out Silk Soy Milks- dairy allergic or not. You can sign up for a 75 cent coupon from the homepage.

By the way, this is a photo of a shelf in my refrigerator! Any other Silk fans out there?
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