Diagnose Food Allergies: New Tools

New tools are available to allergists in the diagnosis of food allergies.

Yes, it still involves a blood test, but results allow for diagnosis at the molecular level.

Allergists will be able to identify precisely those patients in danger of severe allergic reaction to allergens such as peanut, wheat, or egg and many others. The exciting news is that personalized allergy management plans can be created with this information. The plan will be uniquely specific to each person.

I think this new technology will become extremely important as it will give families, doctors and food allergic patients a specific profile of their reactivity. Right now, we receive a bunch of confusing numbers and statements. To know your child is "higher than 100 for milk" or is "really allergic to peanuts, but not as allergic to tree nuts" is difficult information to use. This new technology will help everyone know more precisely how allergic the individual is.

Check out the full press release for more information.

As the search goes on for a food allergy cure, at least we're coming up with better tools for diagnosis.
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