Food Allergy Community Up in Arms Over Nut Article

Chatelaine, a leading Canadian woman's magazine, recently published an article that has caused a backlash among those in the food allergy community. "It's Just Nuts", written by Patricia Pearson, makes comments like "carrying the lunch he is most likely to consume (she's talking peanut butter sandwiches here) into his elementary school is equivalent to showing up with a gun", are clearly intended to fuel anger.

The article is poorly researched and self-serving for the author who admits her child is a picky eater.

Come on, let's all play nice and be respectful to each other. It is obvious the author did not speak to school officials to find out the details of the peanut ban in her school. She did speak to one parent, who questioned whether or not her child really had a peanut allergy (diagnosed by an allergist) and whether he really needed an EpiPen® because "they are expensive", "expire" and "probably the daycare staff wouldn't know how to use it anyway".

That's the parent she chose to interview?

Over 190 comments have been written to the magazine about this article. Allergic Living magazine has also gone on the record and has sent a letter to the Chatelaine signed by 206 people who are angered over the piece.

Check out the article and feel free to leave your comments as well. The editor of Chatelaine needs to hear loud and clear that a sensational seeking article like this is unacceptable.
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