Food Allergy Knowledge Found Lacking in Doctors

So, a study to be published in January 2010, has found that primary care physicians have knowledge gaps when it comes to diagnosis and management of food allergies. Many incorrectly identified symptoms of food allergy and few knew the appropriate dosage of epinephrine for children experiencing a reaction.

Okay, I know we expect a lot from our overworked primary care physicians and their staffs, but I do expect some basic knowledge. I've talked before about how our doctor's office, with full knowledge of my child's allergies, has given us medicine that contain his allergens or has recommended shots for him that would be unsafe. We've had a few really close calls in our own doctor's office. I don't believe we're alone.

Anyone have any stories they'd like to share?

One good action plan to come out of the study, which will be published in Pediatrics next month, is the creation of a food allergy module that can easily be used by doctors' offices.

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