Food Allergy Resource

I wanted to make you aware of a new food allergy site, AllAboutFoods. The site was co-founded by a mom after her child was diagnosed with food allergies. She gathered information and enlisted the help of a computer programmer friend. Together, they created AllAboutFoods.

I visited the site. I really find the tab marked "Allergy Charts" to be helpful as it lists well-known restaurants and the food allergen information for their products. Gotta love one-stop shopping!

From the home page, you can link to information about common allergens to learn how to avoid the foods as well as substitutions for it.

While on the dairy page, I learned something new. Apparently, some vaccines contain casamino acid, which is derived from casein, which is dairy. I know the FDA does not require allergen labeling on vaccines and medications- makes sense to me. Here's another example of something to question when our dairy allergic kids need a vaccine.

We wonder why our kids are not outgrowing their dairy allergies! But I digress...

Head on over to AllboutFoods and let the rest of us know what you learn there.
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