Allergy Friendly Food Banks

I got a disturbing e-mail last week that a Boy Scout troop had been turned down when they offered to help organize food at our local food bank.


The food bank was out of food. There wasn't anything to organize.

Our community rallied and many of us shopped in our cupboards and grocery stores and sent food over to the food pantry.

I do think sometimes about families in need who may also deal with food allergies. Our jars of peanut butter and boxes of macaroni and cheese may not help those folks.

That's why I love what Dee Valdez has done. She's on a mission to open gluten free food banks across the country. She started with one in Loveland, Colorado. Dee, also known as "Gluten-Free Dee", has partnered with companies, including Pamela's Products, to provide gluten free products to those in need.

Don't you just love this? Check in with your local food pantry today and see what they need. People in all of our communities go to bed hungry many nights. That should not be...
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