Eating Out with Food Allergies

Lonely Plate

Here is the perfect name for a site dedicated to helping people with food allergies dine away from home:

Lonely Plate

Sharona Schwartz has just launched, an interactive database that allows visitors to read and write reviews of restaurants, hotels, airlines and kid-friendly venues. The unique aspect is that the reviews pertain specifically to how food allergy and food sensitivity issues are managed.

So, let's say you're planning a trip and one or more family members has a food allergy. Check out the site to see which airline receives the highest ranking from other food allergy families. Read about restaurants at your your destination to choose the allergy friendly spots. Find out which hotels cater to food allergies. Then, after your trip, go to Lonely Plate and post some reviews yourself. It's a great way for food allergic families to share information.

Sharona has also made a commitment that if certain establishments continually pop up as mis-handling food allergy concerns, they will contact them to bring these reports to their attention and to offer help in amending procedures.

A win-win for all, I say. Check out and share some of your experiences.
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