Spring Allergy Season

Many people with food allergies also deal with environmental allergies. Check out some of my articles for information about dealing with spring pollen, dust and other environmental allergies:

Spring Allergies talks about pollen counts and how to decrease allergy symptoms when the counts are highest this spring.

Symptoms for Flu, Allergies and the Common Cold addresses how to tell the differences between these three common ailments and what to do when you're feeling sick.

Mold Allergy Symptoms and Prevention describes mold and the symptoms of an allergy to it. The article further describes ways to prevent indoor mold and minimize exposure to outdoor mold.

Cutting down on dust in the bedroom and using a good vacuum cleaner help people to deal with dust allergy.

For those sniffling and sneezing their way through another spring, talk to your doctor about ways to decrease these annoying symptoms. Allergy shots or allergy drops may be another option if symptoms are interfering on a daily basis. Don't suffer needlessly. Find out what works best for you or your child.
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