Easy Fundraising for Food Allergy Research

Here's an easy way to raise money for FAAN (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network)- rate restaurants.  AllergyEats counts on peer review to provide a listing of allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States. The more people who participate in the ratings, the more valuable it will be for all of us. The database currently lists over 600,000 eating establishments.

To help, simply go to AllergyEats, sign up, and rate restaurants. For every restaurant rated, AllergyEats donates money to FAAN.

Simple and effective. I like it!

Another great thing to do today- CampTag is currently #32 in the Pepsi Good Idea Contest. Vote every day until the end of October for the "good idea" of opening food allergy friendly camps across the country!

Now, don't you feel empowered about all the good things you can do for those with food allergies?

Enjoy your day.
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