Food Webinar on Food Labels May Inform Those With Food Allergy

The Imtermational Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) is holding a webcast about something I read multiple times each day (no, I'm not talking about e-mails)- food labels.

Speakers ranging from dieticians, college professorsa and lawyers will discuss the rules and regulations that support the use of label claims and look at research into how people use food labels when making choices.

Specifically, discussion will be around:
  • FDA guidelines for food labeling and health claims
  • The Federal Trade Commission's views of health benefit claims
  • A look at food culture and consumer behavior
The webcast is today- 9:30 am ET. If interested, you must pre-register. There are continuing education credits available for those who qualify.

It would be great for the food allergy community to have a presence in this webinar


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