Flying with Peanut and Other Food Allergies

Canada's two major airlines are making it safer for those with peanut and other food allergies to fly. WestJet plans to make an announcement requesting other passengers not to eat nut or peanut products when a customer with such allergies requests this. The airline also plans to add an adult and child strength epinephrine auto-injector to its on-board medical kits in early 2011.

Canada's largest airline, Air Canada, has now posted  its official food allergy policy online. Canada’s main airline is starting to provide for a small buffer zone with advance notice and a completed medical form.

Yeah! Now we're getting somewhere!

Calling all other's time to step up to the plate. These are reasonable accommodations for passengers in need. It's time to do right and promote a safe on-board environment for people with food allergies.

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