Food Allergy Management Law to be Signed by President Obama

It's taken five years, but the U.S. Congress has finally passed FAAMA, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act. President Obama is expected to officicially sign it into law soon. Here's what the new law will do in the U.S.:
  • require the US Secretary of Health and Human Services to create a plan for schools to manage the risk of food allergies and anaphylaxis.
  • provide grants for schools to voluntary implement these guidelines.
Yes, it's voluntary, but it's a start. Educating teachers, staff, students and families about food allergies is critical. Perhaps you read this week of the tragic death of a peanut allergic 13-year old who had a fatal allergic reaction at school. The full story isn't out yet, but reportedly the classroom teacher hosted a celebration with Chinese take-out. So tragic!

Write to your school nurse and superintendant today. Make sure they know about FAAMA and offer your support to get a policy in place at your school. Together we can make this standard at every school in the country. Do it for your child, my child and to honor the life of Katelyn Carlson.
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