Teenagers and Food Allergies- A Troubling Time

A recent survey of food allergic teens shows some surprising results. Of those surveyed, very few were troubled by having to carry epinephrine or by having to wear medical jewelry. What troubled adolescents with food allergy the most were:
  • being a burden to others who may need to accommodate their allergy.
  • feeling left out in social situations where eating is involved.
  • not feeling supported by their schools in terms of the school educating others about food allergy.
  • stress involved in eating in restaurants and while traveling.
Teens with food allergy are a target group of particular concern because they have a higher risk of death associated with anaphylaxis. This study sheds light on the specific concerns within this age group so that education and counseling can help teens deal with their food allergy concerns.

What can we do to help improve the quality of life for food allergic teens?
Teens are stressed about their food allergies. We can all help decrease this stress and provide a safer environment for this group.

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