Cold Allergy Better Than Food Allergy?

Did you see the segment on the Today Show Tuesday morning about the 9-year-old who has a cold allergy? The family talked to Matt Lauer about how the little girl can't tolerate temperatures over 70 degrees-that includes food and drink. She breaks out in hives, and experiences other symptoms, which could include anaphylactic shock.

She is unable to eat ice cream or go swimming. Her bath water has to be as warm as she can stand it and she needs heated towels and heated clothes to cover up immediately.

The family says that they must consider their daughter's allergy every day and carry epinephrine

Her mother said, "I actually prefer this to a nut allergy. I feel this much more manageable."

"Yes, Matt Lauer said, "otherwise you'd have to figure out everywhere there's nuts in the diet."

Funny, while watching this, I was thinking just the opposite- that I'd rather deal with food allergy than a cold allergy.

I guess it's all in what you're used to. Allergies with the risk of anaphylaxis, no matter what triggers them, all need to be treated the same- avoidance with emergency medications close by.

You can check out the segment, add the 400 plus comments here. For further information on cold urticaria, the Mayo Clinic offers both basic and in-depth information on this condition.
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