Food Allergy Numbers May be Higher Than Previously Estimated

A recent study published in Pediatrics, puts the number of children with food allergy at six million- double the number the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has been reporting.

With a sample size of over 38,000, eight percent indicated a food allergy. Of those, over 38% reported a history of severe reactions and 30% report multiple food allergies. Peanut, milk and shellfish were the most common allergens reported for this group under the age of 18.

Heredity and environment continue to be viewed as the main causes of food allergy, but researchers still don't understand the connection.

In the meantime, those of us who have children with food allergies must continue to be vigilant. See an allergist who understands food allergy and  keep kids safe by making sure they don't eat the foods they are allergic too.

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