Great Deals For Food Allergy Friendly Foods

With the kids back to school, some of our favorite food allergy companies are offering some fall deals:
  • Divvies has free shipping on all products ($30 minimum purchase through September 10, 2011.
  • Amanda's Own has their fall and Halloween products available.
  • Chocolate Emporium is offering High Holiday specials for Rosh Hashana and Sukkot.
  • Peanut Free Planet is offering free shipping on orders over $100.
  • Vermont Nut Free also has their Halloween goodies out.
Some sad news for food allergy families- The Allergy Grocer has been forced to close. Their Miss Roben's mixes will reportedly be available soon through another distributor. I'll keep you posted. I'll miss those Barry Callebaut dairy free chocolate chips!


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Michelle said...

On my Low Amine Recipes blog, I have created a free downloadable tool for people who like to cook, but have food allergies. My friends and I all have different food issues, so I have one set up for all of us.

Thought I would share the wealth and pass my useful cooking tool on to you.

Please use it and feel free to pass the link along to anyone else that might find it handy. I would love if you would link to it on your blog. It sounds like it could be really useful to your target audience. Good luck, and happy eating!

- Michelle Ferris