Egg Allergy and Flu Vaccine Recommendations

It's flu vaccine time again. We've never gotten the flu shot for my egg allergic son, but this year the consensus in the medical community seems to be that most people with egg allergy can tolerate the vaccine. We will be doing a flu desensitization at the allergist's office on Monday. That involves a skin test with a control and the actual vaccine. Depending upon the results of that, the vaccine may be administered all at once, or in smaller doses.

We always have the doctor's office order Thimerasol-free flu vaccine for our family. No need for extra mercury, right? I found this link recently that lists each flu vaccine manufacturer and the amount of egg (ovalbumin) and thimerasol in their serum.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about egg or mercury in your shot.

...and wish us luck on Monday...
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