Food Allergy Desensitization May be coming to an Office Near You

If you haven't spoken to your allergist in the past 6 months, you may want to check in. Food allergy desensitization programs like this one are becoming more prevalent. I found out over the summer that our allergist office will begin peanut desensitization in December. They chose peanut to start because they have a peanut allergic allergist who is willing to be the first desensitization patient in the practice. My 12-year-old may enter the peanut program this summer, although were are just as anxious for a milk desensitization program.

I'm really excited about this works. I recognize the risks, but I hope with a slow progression, an active watch for symptoms of an allergic reaction and keeping epinephrine close at hand, there will be success. This living in fear of accidental ingestion due to cross contamination or incomplete food labels is no good. Finally, some help may be on the way!
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