Have You Been in Touch With Your School Lately About Food Allergy Guidelines?

 My heart breaks when I think about first-grader Ammaria Johnson and her family.There will probably be more information in the coming days, but regardless, while it is hard to live with food allergy, no one should die from it. Thoughts and prayers to Ammaria's family and friends during this tragic time.

Upon hearing her story, I was prompted to send a note to the head of school nurses in our school district. I sent a link of the news story and offered help in reviewing food allergy guidelines in our district. While I've been very pleased overall with the way our schools have worked with us in managing my child's food allergies, the guidelines and mandates frequently change and I wanted to make sure our district had the most recent information. I did find out that we now have stock epinephrine in all of our school buildings that can be used for any student experiencing anaphylaxis. Our district nurses are meeting with a doctor this spring to review current food allergy practices and to compare them to current practices in managing food allergy in schools.

Of course I've offered my assistance in this review process as well.

So, take this opportunity to contact your school and find out if food allergy guidelines have recently been reviewed, or are schedule for review. The best approach is to be non-judgemental and to offer your help based on your experiences. Everyone has the same goal- to keep kids safe at school.

I've been pleased with  my school's response. How about you?

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