Hives, Swelling and Food Allergy Reactions

"I think my lip is swelling up. Do I have a hive?"

Our peaceful MLK Day quickly turned into one of "those scary times." Sure enough, my food allergic 11-year-old had a very puffed out lower lip and a pretty giant hive. As I got the Benadryl, several smaller hives began popping out on the upper lip.

I watched. We waited. We both knew what to do if things didn't turn around quickly. Knowing what to do doesn't make it any easier to do it.

Fortunately the Benadryl did the trick. The upper lip hives disappeared and the swelling began to go down. No need for the EpiPen.

This time.

Outside of a food challenge at the allergist's office, there hasn't been an allergic reaction in quite a while. Unfortunately, we don't know what set this one off. Sometimes you can't trace the cause and you have to move the next snack...and the next meal.

The experience did give us yet another opportunity to talk about what to do if an allergic reaction is set in motion- especially if it happens at school... or away from home (and mom or dad).

A good lesson for sure, but I got a few more gray hairs on Monday. This parenting thing is not for the faint of heart.


Lindsey said...

You're right, this gig is certainly not for the faint of heart. My daughter has had a couple of random reactions in the past week, I totally know how it feels. Keep on keeping on Mom, I'm glad the benadryl worked :)

Food Allergy Assistant said...

Thanks Lindsey. I feel like we had a close call. Best to you as you try to figure out your daughter's random reactions. Sigh...I wish this was easier...