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Treat Eczema
It's a funny word that's easy to misspell, but for those dealing with eczema, there's nothing humorous about it. We've had our share of keeping fingernails super-short so as not to cause cuts when scratching. I once spent a small fortune on the softest sheets imaginable and I think I could buy a pony with all the money I've spent on special laundry detergents and moisturizers over the years.

It is very common for people with food and environmental allergies to also deal with some level of eczema. Here are a few of my favorite eczema related resources:

The National Eczema Association offers support and helpful tips. I really like their suggested list of cleansing and moisturizing products. Their patient conference will be held in Atlanta GA this summer.
The National Eczema Society has a great list of FAQ's.
The Mayo Clinic lists the symptoms, causes, treatments and more for anyone new to eczema.
Penny's World is a cartoon site for kids to learn all about eczema and how to treat it.
It's An Itchy Little World is a blog filled with tips and additional eczema resources.

Did I miss any of your favorite eczema places?

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