Food Allergy Life and Lunch Boxes

Reusable Lunch Boxes
Ah, the temperatures are soaring past 100, summer vacation has arrived and so has annual ritual of cleaning out the backpacks. Stinky socks, food wrappers and unused book covers are pulled from pockets and pouches. After a turn in the washing machine, the backpacks come out looking like new.

Not so for the lunch boxes, I'm afraid. After daily use all school year, the tears and stains are beyond repair. Fortunately there are great products available for re-usable lunch boxes. I really like the options at ReUseIt. They have a huge selection and their stainless steel LunchBots are on sale now. Bento-Ware offers Bento Lunchboxes or entire Lunch Systems with removable inner compartments and utensils. For some original designs, check out Etsy's Urban Harmonie. Looking for a reusable lunchbox that clearly states "Food Allergy"? Try Allergy Apparel's Food Allergy Alert Lunchboxes or AllerMates "I Have a Food Allergy" Lunch Bag.

Food Allergy Assistant loves all the great choices in eco-friendly re-usable lunchboxes. From preschooler to college student and even into the workplace, stylish lunch bag options abound.

I must say though, I miss my metal Partridge Family lunchbox!
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