Food Allergies and the 2012 Olympics

While we prepare to enjoy the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in London, caterers are busy preparing for the 14 million meals that will be served during the 17-day event. Athletes will consume 1.2 million of those meals, which will include dishes for special dietary needs such as Kosher, low salt and allergens.

The remaining meals will be served to spectators through restaurants and food stalls. The UK Anaphylaxis Campaign confirms that people with special dietary needs can bring their own food into the venues, but advises also bringing a medical note to cover both the food and any medications.

Opening ceremonies kick-off the Games on Friday, July 27. If you're looking for more information about the sporting events and how to make sure you don't miss your favorites, check out my article, What to Expect for the 2012 London Summer Olympics

Let the Games begin!

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