A Little Market Competition for EpiPens

EpiPens by Mylar
Holy smokes! I just paid $44 for our back-to school EpiPens! A few years ago, I paid $10.

Now believe me, I'm always happy to give our unused pens to the doctor's office (although we first inject them in an orange for practice before turning them in). I'd rather pay and not have to use the epinephrine, than have a medical emergency requiring their use; however, with no competition, no matter how high the price may go, many of us are going to pay it.

We must. It's the only thing we've got in an emergency.

Things may change this fall when Sanofi introduces Auvi-Q and again in 2015 when Teva puts out a generic EpiPen (pending FDA approval).

We'll see. I was hopeful that Twinject may have been a competitor to the EpiPen in terms of pricing, but that hasn't happened. In this NY Times article, "Tiny Lifesaver for a Growing Worry",
an analyst at Cowen & Company questioned whether parents would be willing to switch to a different brand in such life-or-death situations, saying, “parents may want the real thing".

So, I'm wondering...are you willing to try something new or are you sticking with the tried and true EpiPen? Are you excited about Auvi-Q?  Are you buying fewer EpiPens as the prices have increased?
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