Low Allergy Milk

Milk Safe for Milk Allergic?
I'll admit that I'm a little wigged out about genetically modified foods. For right now, my opinion is that I want it clearly marked so consumers can make their own choices. That said, I'm intrigued by the news of a genetically modified cow that can produce milk without beta-lactoglobulin - a whey protein to which some people are allergic.

Researchers were able to interfere with the RNA of a cow, that went on to birth a calf that doesn't produce milk with any detectable beta-lactoglobulin. (Said calf was also born without a tail, but researchers believe that is unrelated to the genetic modifications...still wigged out). Researchers will now watch to see if the genetic modification will be passed on through future cow generations.

Of course more research is needed and low allergy milk will probably not be found in grocery dairy cases in the near future. Read the abstract in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (full text copies may be purchased) and check out the article in the BBC that originally caught my attention. The ability to remove the protein that is causing allergic reactions is appealing to me as long as it is done safely and ethically. We shall see where this leads...

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Kelly said...

I just don't trust any foods with GMOs.