New Eczema App Helps Track and Record Flare-Ups

Help for Eczema Sufferers
People with food allergies often deal with other allergic conditions such as eczema. There is a new app available for Apple and Android users to help track and record symptom. the app also provides the latest news on eczema. This tool is especially helpful for parents of kids with eczema as well as adults with the condition who are trying to determine the cause of skin flare-ups. 

Eczema affects up to 20% of infants and 3% of children and adults. This itchy skin condition can flare-up for a variety of reasons including certain foods, certain materials or fabrics, household products such as soap, animal dander and even temperature changes. By tracking symptoms, people with eczema can more effectively manage and treat this condition.

The Eczema App is sponsored by Bayer Health Care, maker of Desonate, a topical steroid to treat eczema. While the app does promote Desonate as a treatment, users of the app should talk to their doctor about the best treatment for their condition.

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